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The Power of the Perfect Product Mix

by | Mar 9, 2023

Direct Mail is on the radar for many local and regional businesses in 2023.  If you sell direct mail as part of your advertising product set, we suggest you charge head-long into also offering household level targeting and even targeted eBlasts.

There are many reasons to sell direct mail especially alongside other advertising products. As you’ve heard before, acquiring multiple channels for advertising and increasing frequency help businesses thrive. The advertising products you sell should aim to help businesses be seen everywhere while also reaching a diverse audience.

The higher your reach, the higher your reward. Direct mail, household targeting, and targeted e blasts are the three musketeers in helping you reach clear, attainable targets. Interaction soars with all three together and that’s what you need to be selling.

In terms of similarities, these three tactics all have a method insisting of reaching the consumer off of a website, app, or streaming service and acting as mail instead, whether it be to your real mailbox on email inbox. The physical asset that comes into someone’s inbox requires more action. Think about an email you get from your favorite store. In one way or another, you end up interacting with the product and also at a higher rate. When you receive an eBlast, odds are you see it on your Lock Screen, when you open your email when you move the email to another location, or even delete it. In that moment, the ad was engaged in your thought process and that is driving reach and consumer interaction.

Direct mail is alike in the sense that a product is coming to you, you aren’t searching or scrolling to reach it. Direct mail is exceptional for targeting those you may have missed with electronic advertising such as older crowds or those who are not on social media. A physical object is likely to hold that similar interaction, eventually you will see and touch the ad and that alone is grabbing people’s focus, helping foster engagement as well as means of brand awareness.

You could think of household targeting as the digital version of direct mail. Household targeting is helpful for reaching demographics that coincide with your business or products, especially for things that may be shared amongst a family.  At one’s home, a family may receive video and banner ads on websites they visit.

Your packaging should include household targeting to help define addressable data later on, further increasing your means of targeting and optimization. When you have data showcasing success rates, you are able to set clear goals and access what does or doesn’t work. The information this gives you is complimentary to eBlasts and direct mail because you establish where or who should be receiving advertising.

We think these tactics work well with one another. There’s no better advertising product mix than one that has the perfect balance of print, digital, and means of collecting the data from both. If you want to increase sales, you have to sell the concoction that works well together and gets the job done.