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Search & Content Advertising

When executed properly, PPC (a.k.a. “pay-per-click or paid search) can be one of the most effective strategies in an ROI-focused, results-oriented digital marketing program. 

We take paid search marketing seriously around here. For many of our clients, paid search is their bread and butter. That’s why we take an insight-driven approach to increase your bottom line. But we don’t stop there; we layer in targeted eBlasts or apply our lookbackdeviceID targeting to reach a hyper-targeted audience. 

Paid Search

Our team specializes in efficient search engine marketing with a strong focus on delivering results. We handle all the necessary tasks such as launching, optimizing, and reporting on Google and Bing campaigns. Additionally, we offer call tracking and integration with Google Analytics for further insights.

Search Engine Optimization

To improve the visibility of your website, we offer various SEO services such as local and national SEO, onsite page optimization, monthly fresh content creation, link building, and keyword optimization.

Targeted eBlasts

Our platform offers advanced targeting options such as demographic and behavioral targeting, real-time counts, and a bot-free guarantee. With access to over 750 variables, you can create a customized list for each campaign and use it for geo-fence display ad targeting. 

Web Services

We handle the design, development, launch and hosting of your very own custom website. First impressions matter. Your website is often the first, and sometimes, only view customers have of your company, so let’s make it count.

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