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Welcome to January Spring. We are a full-service, digital-first advertising agency. As you get to know us, you’ll see we don’t act like a big, stuffy agency. We want to be your partner in this fast-changing advertising world. Count on us for honest, well-informed advice, creative thinking, and the best marketing solutions. That’s the promise we make every day, to every client.

Think of us as your Chief Marketing Technology Officer

We are proud of our work at January Spring. Our team’s experience is as diverse as the marketing programs we build. We consider our team of creatives and techies as pioneering and a bit avant-garde. They are proof-positive that being good at what you do, and an absolute joy to work with, are not mutually exclusive.

We’re into Long-Term Relationships

Crazy, thought – treat your clients well, do great work, and everyone wins. We’ve found that many of our clients start working with us on that first marketing project, which then turns into another project, and then another. We are in this for the long-haul. And, we view our relationships as long-term partnerships. So, let’s get started!

  • If you want to offer Social or Digital Display or Search or Reputation Management to your advertisers, January Spring does the heavy lifting and you reap the profit.

    Ryan Dohrn President/Founder - Brain Swell Media
  • In order to grow your magazine’s readership, you have to invest in your digital platform. For us, at NOCO Style, partnering with experts in digital greatly accelerated our time to market. And, the partnership gave our team the foundation for years of growth.

    Tonja Randolph Owner and Publisher of Mountain Media Group
  • Social media is becoming an increasingly important way for my clients to growth their business. January Spring’s private label offering has made it simple, seamless and profitable for us to offer new advertising products that complement our own software services.

    Jeff Porter CEO, Handbid
  • January Spring cares for my clients’ marketing needs with the same level of service and professionalism that I do. Their communication and follow up gives me the confidence to know my client’s marketing is in good hands.

    Chrystal Huskey CEO, Event Integrity
  • January Spring was a major part of the successful launch of our audience extension program designed for our outdoor advertising clients. The January Spring team is technical experts in the world of digital advertising. As true team players, their team can be counted on to go above and beyond to get the job done.

    Dave Goldberg Executive, Compass, Out-Of-Home Advertising
  • My customers are extremely happy. We took three at-risk customers and split their budget between two agencies. With the new agency we were vetting, January Spring, all three campaigns crushed expectations.  Through them, our ability to competitor conquesting and provide detailed, on-demand performance reporting is really exciting to our clients.

    Jennifer Sorenson Publisher, Herald Review
  • I had a critical issue on one of our websites, which was affecting a major advertiser, who was threatening to pull from us. Our provider was unable to diagnose, or correct after 10 days. In desperation, I reached out to January Spring and spoke with their head of Digital Transformation, Chris Tippie. Not only did he identify the problem, he fixed it within an hour. They are the real deal! I am excited about my partnership with them.

    Kevin Evans WEB Media Group, President
  • NBM has built a proven, scalable marketing approach to turn event sign-ups to show ups. We deploy multiple marketing tactics: email, social, text messaging -- and new this season, we’ve also layered programmatic display targeting. In partnership with January Spring, we’ve built a comprehensive KPI dashboard that tracks the full attendee journey and provides us with attribution tracking tied back to each marketing tactic. Our most recent show saw a 54% lift in attendees during the week of the event, thanks to our marketing efforts. That is just shy of a third of the total registration count for that event.

    John A. Bennett Vice President, Integrated Media, NBM, Inc
  • When my Media clients are looking to leverage digital my first choice as a partner is January Spring. In fact, they manage my Social Media. January Spring can handle all digital for you, seamlessly. They are a great partner to help grow your digital revenue and assisting media companies in their Digital Transformation.

    Ryan Dohrn President/Founder, Brain Swell Media

Let’s Talk

Reach out. Let us solve your most pressing problem (we can even help with which mountain to tackle in our beloved Colorado Rockies or which craft stout goes down smooth). Just connect. Request a proposal. Work with us!


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