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We Serve Agencies, Publishers, & Resellers Around the World. 

Whether your business is amid its own Digital Transformation or has fully embraced the need to service your advertising clients with an agency approach, you’ve found the right partner with January Spring. 


As you get to know us, you’ll see we don’t act like a big, stuffy firm.We want to be your partner in this fast-changing advertising world. Count on us for well-informed advice, high-touch service, and the best digital marketing solutions. That’s the promise we make every day, to every partner. 

Think of us as your Chief Marketing Technology Officer 

Our Advertising Solutions are Designed as a
Natural Extension of What Makes You Unique 


We’re into Long-Term Relationships

CRAZY THOUGHT – Treat your clients well, do great work, and everyone wins.

We’ve found that many of our clients start working with us to sell a handful of print + digital campaigns, which then turns into bigger sales, and earning your dominate position in the market.

We are in this for the long-haul – we view our relationships as long-term partnerships.

So, let’s get started! 

Full Support For a Variety of Industries 

B2B Media

B2C Media


Direct Mail, Coupons, & Deals


Expos & Events

Out of Home


A Must Do: Promote Your Digital Offering

A Must Do: Promote Your Digital Offering

How do you let people know what digital products and services you offer? Media Kit? Your sales team?  Those are great places to promote your digital offering, but there are a few more that should be on your list:    Your website!  A paid ad campaign, targeting your...

Why Should Advertisers Move to Streaming TV in 2024?

Why Should Advertisers Move to Streaming TV in 2024?

So, what’s the buzz around Streaming TV? It’s 2024, the way that people watch TV is changing! Long gone are the days of moving your TV antennae with extreme care to weasel out a better signal. Cords are finally taking a break, making room for a double-digit migration...

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