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We are the digital partner you’ve been searching for. 

We are a unique breed. Our Niche is Niche. We work with Niche media companies and agencies. We have developed a proven go to market strategy. Our dedicated sales coaching and account success resources work alongside your sales team to:  

Present digital alongside print 

Sell audience-based programs 

Target non-advertisers with a digital-first offering  

Retain print advertisers with multi-media programs 

You Found Us!

We Serve Agencies, Publishers, & Resellers Around the World. 

Whether your business is amid its own Digital Transformation or has fully embraced the need to service your advertising clients with an agency approach, you’ve found the right partner with January Spring. 

We are your programmatic partner for OTT/CTV, streaming audio, addressable, and mobile advertising.  As  of 2023, 91% of all digital display is bought via automated channels, i.e. programmatic. January Spring does all the heavy lifting to help you take programmatic to market.   

People are consuming more social media than ever before, upwards of two hours a day. Your advertisers need to be where their consumers are. We layer in targeting not available through the social platforms: geofencing, event targeting, and publisher first party data.    

Today, while 50% of mobile time is spent on social media and half of all searches don’t result in a click, January Spring ensures that content is distributed to the right audience, at the right time, through a diverse array of channels. 

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