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Social Advertising

In today’s digital landscape, having a sound social media advertising strategy is crucial for any brand. With hundreds of options and touchpoints available to customers before making a purchase, it’s important to engage them at every step of their buying journey. By implementing a strong social media strategy, brands can connect with users and ultimately convert them into loyal customers. 

Awareness Ads

Reach-based social ads run on the Facebook portfolio designed to create awareness by reaching a curated audience. 

Video Views

Video ads are 25% more memorable and convert at a 2X rate compared to static social ads. 

Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads for your advertisers with our direct response marketing strategies designed for the social era. Let us help you reach your goals.

Device ID Targeting

With access to millions of Device IDs, January Spring provides a unique audience your clients cannot get anywhere else. 

Lookback Audience

Target people based on locations they have visited over the past 30-90 days. 

Custom Audiences

Account-based marketing for social leverages January Spring’s proprietary data and our publisher’s first-party data. 

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