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Programmatic Advertising

We are your programmatic partner for  OTT/CTV, mobile, and addressable advertising. Our audience extension approach leverages your first  party  data and pairs it with best of breed digital targeting. Going beyond Google Display Network, we enable our publishers to run a variety of ad formats such as video, streaming ads, and more, making it easier to reach your target audience. With our experienced media buying team executes across 20+ premium ad networks. 

Audience Extension: Digital Display

Reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time across the web, on mobile, and in-app. 


Bring your advertising clients what they want: a way to reach households with addressable targeting, tailored to their intended audience. 

Demographic, Behavioral, and Purchase-Based Targeting

Reach consumers in their homes, based on their demographics, recent purchases, interests, and behaviors. 

Streaming TV, Video

Empower your advertising clients with cutting-edge streaming capabilities that enable them to target specific households with maximum precision.

Device ID Targeting

Geo-Fencing, Competitive Conquesting, and Event Targeting based on places your target market visits. 

Return on Advertising Spend

Our attribution capabilities are top-notch. We can provide ZIP+4-level reporting, track how often customers visit your physical store, and attribute online conversions such as visiting your website, filling out a form, adding a product to a cart, making a purchase, and much more. 

Media Outlet Remarketing

Remarket your own media audience to advertisers and sponsors, pairing our technology with your firstparty data. 

Streaming Audio

Embedded, non-skippable, high-quality audio ads help your advertisers reach an audience with similar attributes and/or interests.

Foot Traffic Conversions

Accurately measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns on in-store visits and sales growth. Enhance your knowledge of your customers and their shopping habits.

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