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A Must Do: Promote Your Digital Offering

by | Jun 12, 2024

How do you let people know what digital products and services you offer? Media Kit? Your sales team?  Those are great places to promote your digital offering, but there are a few more that should be on your list:   

  1. Your website! 
  2. A paid ad campaign, targeting your key advertisers and prospects 


Your Website is Your Digital Storefront 

First let’s tackle your website. Your website is like a front door for your business. Advertising buyers want easy access to your offerings and the ability to do their own research and education.  Your website is the right place to make that happen.  

You can write on your website that you offer programmatic display, but if you don’t explain what it is, and what value it holds for potential advertisers, it is as good as writing in a foreign language. A lot of people are still new to digital and need a bit of translation when it comes to the terms and the tech. Define each digital service like you’re telling a story to your grandma – clear, concise, and without the tech mumbo-jumbo. 

You need to be the industry expert for the products you are selling. Show off your knowledge! Just provide the definition and how it works. Impress potential clients with your knowledge and show them you’re the real deal. 


Here is an example of what you can say: 

Programmatic display: Hyper targeted display ads that follow a specific set of people around the internet, based on their demographics, interests and buying behaviors. These are the ads you see on the side of most websites online. This type of marketing shows the power of the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

How it works: It uses information associated with unique behaviors to target likely buyers. 

See! This gives a potential customer at any stage a complete understanding of the product you are selling and how it can solve their marketing needs. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, just answer a few questions. Also, don’t put everything behind a form fill, let potential clients know what you offer so they are more likely to submit their information for access to your full media kit. Transparency is sexy, folks. Don’t hide your goodies behind a “contact us” maze. Lay it all out on the table, so clients can feast their eyes on what you’ve got cooking. 


Internal Campaigns Make a Difference  

Okay now that we have the website portion handled, what about launching your own internal campaign to get the word out? 

Let your target advertising clients know you do digital and can elevate a business’s digital marketing. Treat your internal campaign like a targeted outreach program. Identify key decision-makers, business owners, and executives who could benefit from your digital services. Craft tailored messages that speak directly to their needs and challenges. Position yourself as an industry expert by providing educational content alongside your promotional messages. Offer insights, case studies, and thought leadership pieces that demonstrate the value of your digital offerings and showcase your expertise.