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Device Targeting vs Cookies

by | May 4, 2020

As if there wasn’t enough change happening in our world right now, Google is rolling-back changes the industry has been anticipating. Last month, Google announced that it would be delaying the controversial chrome change because of COVID-19.  More specifically, Google Chrome will continue to allow third-party cookies on websites for the foreseeable future.  Why?  All along, they’ve been saying that their aim was to make web browsing safer and more private; Google figured out that so many websites use cookies to help people complete everyday tasks online: log-in to your bank, order groceries, accessing your health records.

What does that mean for us in the industry?  Not much, really.  With the changes Google Chrome was making, January Spring was already prepped.  So, now its business as usual…while not usual, but you get what we mean.

Audience Targeting Is Good Marketing

Consumer behavior had already shifted from desktop to mobile.  And, much of our media buying targets people on their mobile devices already.  We go with your customers’ target customers are spending their online time.  And most of it is mobile.

This campaign snapshot is pretty representative of what we deliver today for our partners. Note that most of the impressions are sourced from mobile.

January Spring and our technology vendors have already made the necessary changes that Google Chrome was expecting.  So, again, we were in good shape before, and we’ll be in good shape going forward.  As long as the tracking pixels we give you are labeled correctly (and they are), no browser will take action to stop our tracking. Consumers will have the option to block certain types of cookies. It is an opt-in setting that they do within their browser.

Late last year, January Spring rolled out household audience targeting.  We target people, in their homes, on their devices based on their demographics and interests.  No cookies need.

Just the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

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