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Six-Figure Revenue Growth | Flawless Execution

by | May 2, 2019

We could have also titled this blog post:

$120,100 in Booked, New, Top-Line Revenue

$414,700 in Active Proposals

(But, that seemed a bit long-winded). Download our Metro Parent Case Study to learn more details on their flawless execution.

Metro Parent set a 2019 plan to own more of the digital advertising dollars invested in their market. In partnership with January Spring, the 31 year old magazine has increased the value of their current clients by offering digital audience extension to their long-time advertisers. Leveraging a new digital offering – Programmatic digital display, Metro Parent has earned new marketing dollars from non-print advertisers.

Goals for the program:

  • Drive near term revenue, while growing sustainable, renewable business independent of the print offering.
  • Influence the culture of an established business by injecting digital expertise and knowledge into the company.
  • Re-introduce an updated brand and value proposition to new and existing local and regional advertisers.

Delivering on the Goods:

  1. Refresh the brand positioning for the magazine, focusing on the value of the audience and the unique relationship Metro Parent carries with Women in SE Michigan.
  2. Target local and regional businesses, segmenting them into: New Advertisers, Existing Advertisers, Lost/Non Advertisers.
  3. Seed the market, proposing 15-month contracts, committing to the first 60-days as an investment from the magazine in the long-term relationship.
  4. Focused selling time, with four-legged sales calls. Pairing a digital expert with the long-time sales relationships. Target $2000+ monthly spend clients.
  5. Proof in the product, by having case studies that speak to each advertiser. Seed the market with early campaigns to win the hearts and minds of the sales team.

“The results speak for themselves. We will double the revenue of our business over the next two years, by serving our advertising clients with a full digital offering. Partnering with January Spring has brought the digital expertise to my business that we needed to rapidly transform from a print-centric model to an audience and revenue focused organization.”

Alexis Bourkoulas

Publisher & CRO, Metro Parent Media Group

Download our Metro Parent Case Study to learn more details on their flawless execution.