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Remarketing Your Audience For Your Highest Reward

by | Feb 1, 2023

We consistently hear from our publisher partners, that the need to grow their digital audience is just as important as their digital ad goals.  We agree!

We would like to praise and acknowledge one of the publishers that we work closely with, NEI Turner. BRAVA magazine is one of NEI Turner’s publications that has seen growth not only in their audience strategy, but in the size of their digital ad revenue. Those two strategies do work hand-in-hand.

January Spring started working with NEI-Turner in 2020 and we are pleased with the amount of website traffic they’ve captured and the deep subscriber list we have put to work!  We can now repurpose their audiences as a digital extension for their advertisers. They are a great example of how each publisher can utilize their own audience, making it 100% unique to BRAVA, as well as helping them extend their print advertiser’s digital footprint.

Their audience uses all the products within BRAVA: print, digital magazine, website, newsletters, and events. BRAVA’s niche audience tailors to women, and young women, in professional and executive roles. This is a hot sought-after market in their area.

So, how do they do it?

They started out by growing their audience using programmatic tactics to remarket to their current readers. Sounds circular. But it works. With the help of addressable geo-fencing from their subscriber list and publisher site retargeting, they executed on both strategies. Their existing audience started seeing ads from their advertisers. I’ll say that again, BRAVA’s existing audience started seeing ads from BRAVA’s advertisers, but this time through multiple channels:

  • Print
  • Digital magazine
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Events
  • And… Programmatic retargeting

With every impression, NEI-Turner reinforced the value of their audience to their advertisers. With every interaction their readers had with the BRAVA brand, they found value in the connection to the content and the advertising.

The results are why we want to brag on our friends at BRAVA.

This year, one of BRAVA’s many advertising campaigns saw an influx in conversions. In the last 365 days, the campaign has earned a .19% overall click through rate. The tactic that remarkets their BRAVA audience has earned a .36% click through rate; 6x the national average performance. Apart from this retailer’s campaign, BRAVA’s general audience has seen an 8.5% increase in users.

NEI-Turners actions to grow their digital audience have provided them with incredible exchanges amongst their advertising gain. This innovative strategy provides the most utility in their business and we are excited to watch them flourish.