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Say “I do” to Winning Over the Bride

by | Nov 29, 2022

Bridal season is on the horizon and that means the planning is occurring right now. Advertisers need to be in-front of brides now. January Spring approaches weddings with a full-funnel marketing plan because there’s an entire wedding party that needs to be taken into consideration.

Our playbook consists of three approaches: Brand marketing, Direct response, and Influencer marketing. But prior to rolling out the blueprint, let’s address the stars of the show and why understanding marketing to the full wedding party is necessary.

No wedding, or bride, is the same so, you should identify your ideal bride first. There are various demographics within the world of brides. Some may be getting married for the second time, some may want a small, retreat style wedding, and some may want an extravaganza with a lengthy guest list. If the bride type is clear, then your advertising should match up. Once you know your bride type, the rest of the party and tools needed come into focus.

Now for our marketing funnel breakdown…

Brand marketing consists of keeping the retailers, services, and vendors in focus while brides are making those important decisions as to which ones they should choose and work with.

Direct response is the targeting of brides in the decision-making moment which should come at the right time.

Influencer marketing consists of reaching those in connection to the bride as they will most-likely play into their decision making. Think wedding planner or mother-of-the-bride.

We emphasize the need for influencer marketing because weddings can be stressful for brides. If the bride needs help, odds are those close to the bride, or even their wedding planner, will keep some mental space open for wedding needs.  Apart from those in direct contact with the bride, social media plays a massive role in planning any event, and especially weddings. Inspiration is everywhere so it’s important for your advertisings to be everywhere as well. Channels, channels, channels!

Within this marketing pyramid, we use a mix of paid social and programmatic no matter the level. All parts of our marketing approach are vital if you want the right buyer, and marketing matters before, during, and after any event.

Prior to any bridal event, the brides need to be reached with the right message at the right time, fit for their wedding, to ensure advertisers get the sale. Keyword targeting is your best friend!

Event fencing takes place during said event to capture the attendee’s device IDs, and this is vital for follow up marketing. Finding little ways to make sure attendees go on their phone can be a fun interaction for guests as well as helpful for advertisers. This could include making a snapchat filter of the event or finding reasons for QR codes to ensure that devices are engaged and give you that valuable data.

Geofencing in areas where brides are likely to be is another big key. Wherever brunch places, wine bars, or young professionals may be, it’s likely a new bride will be there too. Place your advertisements in places they may visit, especially alongside their wedding party. It’s also a smart idea to geo fence other bridal shops and event vendors, as well as target women based on their “engaged” status via socials.

Event re-marketing takes place within the 45–60-day period following the event. This is also a time to promote your bridal issue and to drive up magazine subscriptions. Various messages roll out ranging from show ticket reminders, food and entertainment highlights, wedding affair schedules, and more, all to keep the bride and wedding party’s attention. Site and event retargeting are the post event phase’s most helpful tactics.

Alongside typical wedding necessities like shows and vendors, it’s also good to make mention of affordability. Yes, weddings don’t really go out of style, but that doesn’t mean brides aren’t on the hunt for a better deal or rethinking how they spend on them. A better deal amongst competitors will always grab attention so throw those deals out there to grab their sale.

Don’t let wedding planning pass you by! The wedding itself may be the most important part to the celebration but for an advertiser, every day leading up to the BIG day is a chance to win over a bride’s decision and close a sale!