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Cheers to your audience

by | Jul 12, 2022

January Spring loves working exclusively with publishers because they have the loyal, niche audience advertisers want. Join January Spring CEO Charity Huff and Nick Pataro of MagHub to discuss the future of audience segmentation. Watch the discussion between these two here in this episode of MagHub Monday.

In the past, marketers would try to cast a wide of a net as possible to try to appeal to the masses. In general, this is expensive and can result in low engagement. However, at January Spring we are experts at finding that exact audience you want to speak to so that you can tailor you message and talk to those that want to hear you. This results in higher engagement and better results.

With 25 years of experience in digital advertising, Charity discuss the future of differentiating your audience and advertising sales. Charity’s entire career has been in digital, digital media and digital advertising and she loves publishers.

“Publishers have an amazing core audience,” she said.

Each one of our publishers has a very niche audience that is in high demand to advertisers

January Spring brings a natural extension to that audience and allows advertisers to target them with digital ads. We can take a newsletter audience, a website audience and even event audiences and target them with digital ads based on advertisers’ needs.

“You have all of these people that are your people that advertisers have access to,” Charity said.

As an example, Charity discussed a segmented audiences for a food publication client. The foodie audience is very valuable, but it can be segmented even further into a whiskey audience, for example.

Watch Charity and Nick discuss in the full video.

The value of your publication is your audience, Charity explains. January Spring can take that audience and target them with digital, programmatic, display, audio and streaming TV advertising.

“We reach that niche audience wherever they go,” Charity said.

You can go from a 2-times margin to a 4-or 5-times margin considering how segmented your audience is, Charity explained.