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New Money Ideas: Event Targeting

by | Oct 8, 2021

Are local events coming back to your community?  Are you seeing your industry start to host in-person events? We are. Across many regions of the country, we are seeing live events come back!

So, this is the perfect time to pull out the calendar and look at what events you and your advertising client should layer into their digital marketing campaign.

Event Marketing: You can’t get more hyper targeted than this

Event Marketing is one of the clearest ways to reach your target customers. Those attending the home show have an interest in home improvement. Soon-to-be brides attend bridal shows. Job seekers attend career fairs. Sports fans sporting events. Farmer’s Markets, community meetings, Rotary clubs…the possibilities are endless.

Pre-Event Targeting

Target those interested in specific events by adding in keywords to your campaign and targeting other events. Start letting your audience know about your event!

Event Targeting

Using our geo-fence technology, serve ads to attendees during the event while they are physically at the location. 

Post Event Re-Marketing

By setting up a geo-fence in advance of the event, we’re able to collect device ID’s of attendees. Now we can serve them your client’s ads for up to 30 days after the event.

Event Playbook

January Spring has developed a unique, proven playbook for event marketing.  We’ve done it all. We’ve increased attendance at large industry events by as much as 35%.  For small B2B events, we know how to double ticket sales.  The playbook differs for consumer events, but we’ve pegged those too.  

Reach out, and we’ll gladly share our Playbook. Contact us at contact@januaryspring.com