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How to Create Value Add for Virtual Event Sponsors

by | Dec 22, 2020

In the Age of Virtual Events…

In December our CEO, Charity Huff, joined publishing colleagues to moderate a panel discussion on the shift we’ve had to make to create value for event sponsors.

On stage with Charity at the Business Information and Marketing Summit were:

John A. Bennett, Director, Digital Media, Lessiter Media, Inc.

Donna Jefferson, CEO, Chesapeake Family Life

Tim O’Malley, CEO, Ateema Media & Marketing

John, Donna, and Tim shared how they have created value and true ROI for sponsors. They were very generous with their details and shared exactly what’s been working and what has not worked including in-field demo days, digital product demonstrations, video product demonstrations, as well as webinars, and drip e-newsletter campaigns to draw in prospects.

Donna and her parent magazine team had great success with their STEAM event.  It was a huge undertaking to coordinate sponsors’ contributions to a box that was sent to hundreds of participants who all logged-in together via Facebook to conduct experiments and learn from the sponsors over the course of several days.

Tim and his Ateema Media & Marketing team serve the travel industry.  During the discussion, Tim shared their success with a recent Hospitality and Tourism summit online. They integrated opportunities for attendees to engage with sponsors at every turn. The feedback and results for the sponsors exceeded expectations. Tim shares details on the technology they used and the coaching they provided to sponsors to ensure they got the most out of their sponsorship.

John, a long-time client, and partner with January Spring has been hitting it out of the park all year.  Lessiter Media was quick to pivot with COVID, developing a variety of virtual events and webinars for their ag-related sponsors.  John has turned sponsorship into a multi-media, multi-month program that created real, meaningful revenue for his organization.

Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy this 30-minute panel discussion. Click the image or this link to launch the video.

Any of you that know Charity, knows she has to talk with her hands! Even on a webinar.

Tim and the Ateema team surveyed professionals from their industry about their plans for in-person vs virtual meetings in 2021.  They were kind enough to share and allow us to post for you.