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Focus on Furniture

by | Oct 28, 2020

Many may think that furniture retailers aren’t interested in advertising right now. While that may be true, they should be.

Home furnishings aren’t a COVID necessity like bottled water or toilet paper, but the need for comfortable spaces brings tremendous opportunity for furniture retailers.  Our publishers are seeing this across the country – anything related to the home is a hot item for consumers.

Why advertise now?

Retail Growth, By Category

According to Houzz.com, project inquires for architectural and design services have increased in Q3 2020 and should be up again in Q4. A key factor in this is the growth in the residential construction market.

Consumer behavior is changing as more people practice social distancing at home. They’re looking for advice and recommendations on how to enhance every aspect of the homebound experience.

And the increasing demand for green furniture or eco-friendly furniture is a major trend gaining traction.

Campaign considerations

Don’t let COVID stop business growth. Talk to your clients now about how they are handling business, and then let their customers know.

  • Offer ‘social distancing’ shopping by appointment or curb-side-pick up.
  • Focus on warranties, customer service, years in business, and testimonials.
  • Showcase the before and after – Nothing sells like incredible room transformations.
  • Encourage a ‘Support Local’ program — People inherently want their community to thrive. Tap into that emotion!

National retailers such as Ashley Furniture and Ikea are spending upwards of $300,000 a month on national digital advertising*. Make sure the local market knows your local client exists, is open, and ready to help people INVEST IN THEIR NEST.

Contact your January Spring sales coach for more information on the status of the furniture industry and to get a customized campaign plan for your client.


*According to SpyFu research.