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Programmatic Advertising, Explained

by | Jan 28, 2019

Are You Ready to Conquer Your Competition?

The most fun you can have in digital advertising today is competitive conquering.  Your advertising clients will eat it up. And you sales team will be knocking out the signed insertion orders.  “How?”, you ask. Programmatic display advertising. That’s how.

Programmatic marketing is automated bidding on advertising inventory in real-time, for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific type of customer, in a specific context, or location.

You can’t get any more targeted than showing your advertiser’s potential customer an ad while they are on their phone at a competitor’s location.

Think of the possibilities!

Adding revenue extension offers to your advertising tool box is the quickest path to new revenue and owning more of the digital advertising dollars spent in your market. Niche publishers are adding this offering because it is a natural extension of their magazine.  Advertisers can reach those same coveted readers where ever they go across the web and on mobile.

  • Increase brand exposure for your current clients, as a natural extension to your offering
  • Target your client’s competitor’s locations, increasing their share of voice in the market
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any businesses’ location
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your advertising’s effectiveness
  • All for a fraction the cost of Google Adwords

The “programmatic” part of this type of display advertising allows publishers to buy inventory based on a specific audience, in-real-time, at a competitive price. Usually it is only available to large National brands and corporations – but now you can bring this technology to your local customers without the hassle and cost of high platform fees and monthly minimums!

Publishers are putting programmatic into practice to support their own native advertising, email newsletters and event marketing.  Take your next big event to the next level, be it a “Rose Brunch Fest” or a specialty trade show for your industry. Using programmatic as a complement to the promotions you offer vendors and sponsors:

  • Define your target audiences – be precise: Who are they? Where are they during the course of their day, week, month? Where do they work? In what part of town do they live?
  • Layer on your programmatic tactics:
    • Retarget by marketing to potential event attendees who come to your site to read a related article, a native piece on a Sponsor, or a sponsored email.
    • Use a Sponsor’s customer database or your own subscription details to geographically target just those attendees that fit your audience profile.
    • Use keyword retargeting to market your event just to people who have “Googled” related keywords.
    • Identify competitive events, and market to those attendees

The results will speak for themselves.  This type of advertising is fully transparent. 

You’ll be able to show your advertisers:

  • The number of impressions delivered
  • What geography, the geo-fences, competitive locations targeted
  • The keywords used to deliver impressions
  • The click-through rate
  • And, the number of people who saw the ad, then attended the event, visited an advertiser’s location or acted on the ad

With this level of reporting and detail, your sales team will become a fan of this offering.  And, because they will see how this marketing naturally complements your current advertising, you will see your overall revenue increase and renewals are a breeze.  Win! Win!