Search and Content Advertising

Paid Search

Search engine marketing efficiently and with a focus on results.  We do all the heavy lifting: launch, optimize and report on Google and Bing campaigns.  Call tracking and Google Analytics integration available.

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO, National SEO, Link Building, Onsite SEO: On-site page optimization, fresh content every month, link building, keyword optimization. 

Targeted eBlasts

Demographic & behavioral targeting, real-time counts, bot-free guarantee.

750 variables to build a custom list for each campaign, that can then also be used for geo-fence display ad targeting.

When executed properly, PPC (also called pay-per-click or paid search) can be one of the most effective strategies in an ROI-focused, results-oriented digital marketing program.

We take paid search marketing seriously around here. For many of our clients, paid search is their bread and butter. That’s why we take an insight-drive approach to increase your bottom line. But we don’t stop there, we layer in targeted eBlasts or apply our lookback device ID targeting to reach a hyper targeted audience.