About January Spring

What We’re About

January Spring was created out of a passion for bringing the best solutions to market. Because of our combined 150+ years of sales and marketing experience, we’ve tested, evaluated and worked with almost every advertising solution and vendor out there. We’ve seen fads flame out, and fly-by-night offers fizzle. We only work with the best tech, because it is our reputation on the line with every campaign we deploy.
Our in-the-trenches experience means we bring a wide-perspective to every client engagement. We’ve tackled total site redesigns, deployed countless social & content strategies, and launched new brands on behalf of our clients. We’ve trained and rode-with well over 9,000 sales professionals, calling on local and regional businesses.

With 10s of thousands of campaigns under our belt, this ain’t our first rodeo.
In partnership with our resale clients, January Spring provides a turn-key, high margin digital revenue stream stocked with best-of-breed digital, mobile and social offerings. Our partners benefit from the quickest path to revenue reinforced with both online and in-market sales training, marketing, performance reporting and client success support.

Meet the Team

  • Charity
    Charity CEO
  • Christian
    Christian Head of Marketing
  • Tippie
    Tippie Digital Transformation
  • Nitosha
    Nitosha Director of Sales & Local Marketing
  • Jamie
    Jamie Director of Sales & Social Marketing
  • Ivelise
    Ivelise Director of International Sales
  • Reanna
    Reanna Client Services
  • Danielle
    Danielle Client Services
  • Mariah
    Mariah Marketing Coordinator
  • Lisa
    Lisa Analytics
  • Megan
    Megan Branding & Creative
  • Diane
    Diane Finance